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Marek Swistun - Oxford Maths Tuition


I'm Marek, Owner and Head Tutor at Oxford Mathematics Tuition. With an exceptional reputation built over 15 years, I continue to provide tuition both at my premises in Central Oxford (UK) and online to students around the world.

I have spent many years working as a Course Leader, Teacher, Maths Tutor and Mentor to students in Oxford for many establishments including Oxford International College, Oxford International Study Centre and Oxford Science Studies. Click here for my CV.

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My Story

Since 2007, I have been helping my students to achieve grades they previously thought impossible. Learning through deliberation and discussion, we make sense of the logic underlying mathematical processes and methods, building a more cohesive understanding of the subject as a whole. Knowing why leads to a deeper, richer grasp of Maths. My aim is to bind the seemingly unrelated areas of Maths together in order to raise your confidence and develop useful, applicable skills you can also use in other areas.


Having worked with both previously disengaged students in Oxford, as well those aspiring to study at the very best universities, my tutorials are flexible and varied, designed carefully around each learner. Each lesson begins with the student; we resolve any current problem areas and then proceed to stretch them further through coverage of related, more challenging topics. Homework and excellent resources are provided as part of the service.

Oxford Mathematics Tuition accommodates all pupils and students between the ages of 7 to 18 from both public and private schools. Our current students attend Magdalen College School, St. Bartholomew’s School and Matthew Arnold School, to name a few. OMT also serves British students living elsewhere in the UK or abroad, as far afield as Qatar. 

Congratulations to our students this January for gaining entry to Magdalen College School, Abingdon School and Cokethorpe.

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